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Owning residential or commercial real estate is one of the investment channels that gives investors many advantages: capital gain, stable rental income and the opportunity to choose a better place to live in accordance with the investor’s goals and their families’, including increased quality of education, living environment for the whole family, health care, social security, tax advantages and much more.

This choice makes a significant contribution towards increasing the value and quality of life of the investors.


Acquiring residential or commercial real estate is one of the most significant investments a person can make.

The advantages of owning real estate are well known: capital gains, rental income, and the opportunity to choose a different and better place to live.

Other important advantages of such offshore investment include: increased choice and quality of education, improved living environment for the whole family, comprehensive advanced health care, together with far more diverse recreational and sporting opportunities.

Real estate is a highly stable capital growth means of investment.

Markets in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific have enjoyed spectacular value growth over the past decade. There is nothing to indicate that this growth momentum will change over the coming years.


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Benefits - Responsibilities

When deciding to invest, investors should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Investment security: preserving capital and gaining profit.
  2. Quality of life: ensuring that the investment environment is also a good living environment from a health care, education and day-to-day activity perspective.



Property capital gain

Owning real estate in a variety of locations allows you to have many beautiful places to live, protects capital, helps investors actively plan their business, travel and/or retirement, whilst also increasing in value over time; additionally, investment diversification reduces investors’ financial risks when the economy of a particular area or country has negative changes.


Taxes and related matters

Taxation is a complex field that directly affects investment properties and potentially future liability. There are, for example, taxes on the property transfers process, sales, inheritance, etc. Taxes vary from country to country and also depend upon the type of residence visa of the home owner and family. Tax planning and getting the right advice is essential for investors to do for their business activities.


Flexibility – Special Right of Residence

Passports of different countries have different privileges, from visa-free entry to many or few countries, to the right to live and study. Passports of the countries of the European Union allow their citizens to travel visa free to different countries, whilst also offering the right to live, work, and receive medical support and access to healthcare within all other EU countries.


A passport of a specific country allows citizens visa-free entry to a certain number of countries.

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